EARN is a solution designed to take the benefits of blockchain financial innovation to the masses, offering much higher earnings than banks while greatly reducing complexity and risk

Join the waitlist for the mobile wallet and EARN program to get an exclusive seat in the evolution of money!

The partnership with the leading global CeFi provider adds yet another robust source of returns to the EARN program.

NovelSwap is a next-gen decentralized exchange by Plutos Network , currently running on the Public Mint testnet and soon to be live on the mainnet, initially offering MINT/USD trading pair.

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve been selected for Plug and Play’s Fintech Fall cohort batch 14!

The partnership boosts efforts to bring Public Mint EARN and fiat-native blockchain to the masses.

Sep 17, 2021 | Building up to the launch of EARN: a glimpse on what’s coming next

Learn how to set up Metamask to connect to the Public Mint blockchain.

Watch Public Mint’s COO Paulo Rodrigues, IBM’s Nitin Gaur and R3’s Muneeb Shah talk stablecoins and payments on this panel for The Digital Commerce Event, 2021.

Leading cryptocurrency analysts discuss the emergence and growth of Stablecoins from technical, business, and regulatory perspectives, to show how the cryptocurrency provides liquidity to crypto markets. Join us to explore StableCoin’s impact on domestic and global real-time payments as it quickly morphs into its own payment system.

Watch the video…

Public Mint

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